‘Simit’ Postcard by Laurie Draws


Celebrate the beauty of Vietnam with this piece by Hanoi-based artist Laurie. Laurie is known for her watercolours that highlight the beauty of this country and its people.



  • 8.3 x 15.2 cm
  • Natural white postcard


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about the brand

Laurie Draws

Laurie was born in the South of France and moved to Hanoi in 2019. Having always loved drawing, it was simply a hobby that she did from time to time.

When Hanoi went into lockdown in 2020, she had a lot of time on her hands to practise painting. She missed the outside world, the scenery, the people – painting became a great outlet for Laurie to draw what she could no longer see while she was inside.

A lover of Vietnam, she wanted to show her appreciation for this great country by drawing some of her favourite things including flower bikes, fruit vendors, a nice bowl of Pho, the workers in the countryside and the lion dancers


crane, geometric grey, neutrals