‘Saigon Cathedral’ Greeting Card By I Have Been There


I Have Been There is all about the big, beautiful life events & believe in celebrating and documenting real life moments. I Have Been There offer a range of beautifully designed, high quality greeting cards made in Vietnam for every occasion – from baby to wedding to everyday. 



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about the brand

I Have Been There

With a passion for creativity and a youthful spirit, I Have Been There specialize in crafting postcards and cards for every occasion. Each design is infused with the enthusiasm of a young business, spreading joy and warmth with every heartfelt message.

From birthdays to weddings, graduations to holidays,… I Have Been There cards collection captures the essence of every milestone and celebration. Whether it’s a whimsical illustration, a touching sentiment, or a witty pun, there cards are designed to spark smiles and create lasting memories. I Have Been There believe in the power of personal connections and the magic of sending and receiving handwritten messages. That’s why they pour hearts into every design, ensuring that each card is a meaningful expression of love, friendship, and appreciation.

Join us in celebrating life’s special moments and sharing the joy of connection. With “I Have Been There,” every card is more than just paper—it’s a heartfelt reminder that you’ve been thought of, cherished, and remembered.


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