Phanhshi Studio – ‘Family Meal’ Print


Introducing the Phanhshi Studio Print, a stunning piece of art that celebrates the vibrant world of Vietnamese cuisine. Each print is a hand-drawn watercolor illustration, capturing the intricate details and rich colors of beloved Vietnamese dishes. Perfect for food enthusiasts and art lovers alike, Phanhshi Studio Prints add a touch of cultural elegance to any space, whether it’s your kitchen, dining room, or office. These prints not only highlight the beauty of Vietnam’s culinary heritage but also make for unique and thoughtful gifts. Enhance your decor with the exquisite artistry of Phanhshi Studio Prints and bring a taste of Vietnam into your home.

SIZE: 20 x 20 cm


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about the brand

Phanhshi  Studio

Welcome to Phanhshi Studio, where the rich flavors of Vietnamese cuisine come to life through exquisite watercolor illustrations. Specializing in creating food-themed stickers, keychains, and prints, Phanhshi Studio captures the essence of Vietnam’s culinary heritage in every piece.  Perfect for adding a touch of cultural charm to your belongings or as unique gifts for food enthusiasts, Phanhshi Studio’s creations celebrate the beauty and diversity of Vietnamese cuisine. Discover the artistry and passion behind Phanhshi Studio and bring a taste of Vietnam into your everyday life.


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