Morning Sapa Candle by Ecru Saigon


Mekong Delta, where the river and its bounty are the source of life for many who live, work and raise families according to the rhythm of its tides. On The Mekong is a journey of the senses that transports you to life on the Mekong Delta through a mixture of exotic and slightly spicy herbs including lemongrass, sweet basil and wild pepper. Tying scent to memory is the cornerstone of Ecru Saigon’s line of candles. Using pure natural essential oils from Vietnam with vegetable wax and eco wicks from the UK, each armona is an intoxicating reminder of the collective love for the country.


DETAILS: 200 grams


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about the brand

Ecru Saigon

Scent as a trigger for memory serves as inspiration for the founders of Ecru Saigon. By using pure natural essential oils from Vietnam including sweet basil, spicy piper betel leaf and fresh ginger, Zen Nguyen & Koa Pham capture memories of their homeland through their line of candles and oils. Born and raised in Vietnam, the duo now currently live in Europe (where their products are crafted by hand) but their hearts remain in Vietnam.


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