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Macrame Baby Rattle With Wooden Handle – Bunny

Each adorable animal shape is carefully handcrafted from soft yarn, ensuring a safe and cuddly playtime companion. Watch as your baby delights in the gentle rattling sound and explores the textures of this captivating toy. Perfect for gifting or adding a touch of cuteness to your nursery decor.


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about the brand

Huyen Trang

Introducing Huyen Trang – the heart and hands behind our beautiful Macrame Baby Rattles.

Huyen Trang’s journey into the art of macrame began with a simple desire: to create safe, beautiful toys for her own children. As a mother dedicated to providing the best for her little ones, Huyen started crafting macrame toys that combined traditional knotting techniques with modern designs. Her creations quickly became treasured items in her home, loved by her children and admired by friends and family.

What began as a personal passion project has now blossomed into a thriving endeavor, with Huyen sharing her meticulously handcrafted baby rattles with families everywhere. Each piece is made with love, using the finest natural materials to ensure safety and comfort for babies. The soothing textures and gentle sounds of Huyen’s macrame rattles engage and comfort infants, making them perfect first toys.

Huyen’s dedication to quality and detail shines through in every rattle she creates. Her designs not only captivate the senses but also add a touch of handmade elegance to any nursery. By choosing Huyen Trang’s macrame baby rattles, you are selecting a product crafted with care, sustainability, and a deep love for children.

Discover the charm and warmth of Huyen Trang’s Macrame Baby Rattles. These unique, handcrafted toys are perfect as thoughtful gifts or cherished additions to your baby’s collection, reflecting the love and tradition woven into every knot.

Huyen Trang – from a mother’s love to your child’s first toy, crafted with heart and tradition.


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