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FRAMED Nicki Blackbeard ‘Gold Tiger’


A room as fierce as Nicki Sticki’s ‘Gold Tiger’ print is the best place to hang this one. Coming in at 21cm x 21cm, this piece looks great framed on its own or as part of the artist’s series that celebrate Vietnamese women and culture. Nicki is known for her digital painting style that focuses on clean line work with bold solid colours. East Asian culture is the golden thread that links her pieces.


DIMENSIONS: 21 x 21 cm.


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Nicki Sticki

Artist Nicki Blackbeard moved to Vietnam from South Africa in 2018 and since then, the country has served up endless inspiration. “Hanoi is like a melting pot of old traditions and modern conveniences. The city mixes, clashes and constantly buzzes with life,” says Nicki.

Her interest lies in creating fresh and distinctly feminine, representational works that break away from tradition and layer in themes of womanhood and the self.


crane, geometric grey, neutrals