Cho Lon Indochine – “Sapa Cedar” Reed Diffuser


Escape to the cool mountains of Sapa with our Sapa Cedar scent. The elegant cedar wood and the mildly dewy floral scent will bring a cozy and delicate touch to your space.
Bring the memory of Mount Fansipan to your home with our beautiful reed diffuser. Through its reed it will provide a memorable scent that lasts long but without being overpowering.



Top: Almond, Cedarwood
Middle: Hedione, Patchouli
Base: Rosemary, Vetiver


WEIGHT: 100 ml


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about the brand

Cholon Indochine

Invite you on a scented journey through Vietnam. Our passion for Vietnam’s heritage, culture, and natural beauty inspired us to create unique scents capturing the essence of Vietnam.
We believe that fragrances have the power to take us on a journey to a different era or location. And we offer you such an adventure. Our high-quality products will transport you to Vietnam, even if you are relaxing at home. Each scent represents a special location – not just by name, but the fragrance itself has a particular characteristic of the site.
Take a piece of Vietnam home with you and let Cholon Indochine guide you on a scented journey through Vietnam.


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