BareSoul “Free” Sea Salt Body & Hair Scrub


Who doesn’t love a good scrub in the shower? BareSoul’s Body & Hair scrub starts with a base of smooth sea salt combined with orange and mint oils helps to deep clean and gently exfoliate skin, making flaky dry skin a thing of the past. For dandruff suffers, a nice deep scalp exfoliation with this scrub works wonders. By removing dead cells, dirt, pollutants and sebum from your scalp, your hair follicles end up producing less oils, leaving you to ask, what flakes? Made in Ho Chi Minh, BareSoul focuses on minimal beauty products for maximum impact.


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about the brand


Made in Ho Chi Minh, BareSoul Cosmetics was founded by two Vietnamese women who were looking to minimalism their beauty routine. With a motto of “beautiful in your skin” BareSoul has an affinity for 2-in-1 products with the idea that less is more. They focus on using ingredients from around SouthEast Asia, many of them natural and easy to recognize.


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