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Exclusive to Humanity Hanoi, Line Study Studio’s ‘Hanoi’ series is a six-part artistic exploration of daily life unfolding on the streets of the city. The ‘Market Scene’ print, sized A4, is a calming and peaceful interpretation of what is usually a chaotic experience. Artist Victoria Naik Spence of Line Study Studio uses pen on paper to create monochromatic snapshots that reveal a slower side to the city.


DETAILS: 21 x 29.7 cm. (A4 size); frame is not included


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Ly Vu

Using locally-produced silk as a canvas, Ly Vu (the woman behind this Hanoi-based illustration & design studio) tell stories through the gorgeous graphics that she design and print on her vibrant and light-as-air scarves. In her own words, she aim to “take you on an artistic journey of dancing colors and blooming dreams of Vietnamese artists and artisans’ pride.”


crane, geometric grey, neutrals

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