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XoaXoa – “Ginger Lemongrass” Wax Melt Bar

Xoaxoa scented wax melt bars are a personal invitation to relax!


HOW TO USE: Simply pop 1 or 2 squares (depending on size of burner) into well of the burner. Never overflow the well of the burner. Light an unscented tea light and place into base of the burner. The wax will melt releasing fragrance into the room. Re-use the wax melt as many times as you want until scent weakens or completely dissipates.To remove the wax ,light a tea-light to slightly warm the wax and gently remove with a cloth or tissue or place a cotton wool ball in to absorb the wax then place into the bin.

WAX: Palm tree


Out of Stock

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Xoaxoa Bougie

Xoaxoa Bougie is a hand-made candle brand that has a unique packaging style.


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