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Repleat Tote Bag in Orange Striped


Using the leftover polyester taffeta from a Thai umbrella factory, Repleat upcycles would-be waste into award-winning handbags. Lightweight, extremely durable and easy-to-clean, these hobo totes are also water-resistant (just like umbrellas!) and they help play a role in ensuring extra fabric stays out of landfills. Here, their original tote is a vibrant, everyday carry-all for grocery runs, shopping trips and any outfit requiring a punch of colour.


DIMENSIONS: W35 x H65 cm. (size: regular)


MATERIAL: 100% Polyester Taffeta


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about the brand


Each year, a large amount of leftover polyester taffeta is discarded by umbrella factories. This Bangkok-based brand is putting a dent into the waste by turning the by-product into rainbow-bright handbags. Designer Nicharee Prasitrattanaporn (Lee) won Vogue Thailand’s Who’s On Next fashion award with her clever and creative designs.