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NauNau Purify Cleansing Oil


One of Nau Nau’s most popular products from its Premium Skincare Line, this daily cleansing oil hydrates while it cleanses. It removes makeup and deep cleans without leaving behind that tightness often felt by other cleanser. Start this 2-step cleanser by applying first to dry skin and massaging into skin, rubbing in a circular motion in order to dissolve dirt and makeup. Next, wet your hands and continue to message until the oil turns a tad milky. Then, wash away the oil with water. Skin is left feeling soft and moisturized.



Gac fruit oil: helps to treat skin conditions including eczema, acne and psoriasis. 


Almond oil:  The vitamins A, B and E found in almond oil helps maintain skin moisture without clogging pores, leaving no greasy feeling behind; the oily texture is light, quickly absorbed while helping to improve and maintain skin luminosity


Apricot oil: the high content of Gamma Linoleic Acid (GLA) in apricot oil helps to balance and maintain skin moisture. These acids also help to brighten and firm your skin. Vitamin A and Vitamin E present in apricot oil help to slow down aging. With its anti-inflammatory properties, it can be used to soothe skin inflammation, eczema, etc.


Salicylic acid: Reduces inflammation, kills bacteria for acne, rosacea and other skin related problems, reduces the appearance of large pores and unclogs pores to prevent breakouts


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about the brand


With a motto of “love green life” this local beauty brand uses as many natural and environmentally-friendly ingredients as possible. Their garden in Da Lat (a popular tourist attraction) celebrates this philosophy by providing local herbs to be used in their products. h


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