NauNau Perfume in Papyrus (10ml)


Since moving to Vietnam, we’ve learned a lot of new vocabulary surrounding the local flora and fauna. Papyrus plant is one of them. So when we learned that this local reed was part of Nau Nau’s latest Scent of Green fragrance line, we had to get our nose on it. We can sum up this scent in one word: amazing! The slight tartness of papyrus blends with local herbs including coriander and mint but finishes with the sweetness of the linh lanh flower (lily of the valley). Sandalwood adds warmth to this refreshing and exotic summer scent.


Grapefruit, Yuzu, Black Pepper, Mint Leaves


Reed, Coriander seeds, Linh Lan


Sandalwood, Vetiver, Seaweed


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about the brand


With a motto of “love green life” this local beauty brand uses as many natural and environmentally-friendly ingredients as possible. Their garden in Da Lat (a popular tourist attraction) celebrates this philosophy by providing local herbs to be used in their products.