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NauNau Perfume in Indigo (50ml)


Since moving to Vietnam, we’ve learned a lot of new vocabulary surrounding the local flora and fauna. Indigo is one of them. But we associate indigo with the dying of textiles a rich inky blue. Can it be in a fragrance? Oh yes, yes it can. One of the pillars of Nau Nau’s latest Scent of Green fragrance collection is their Indigo scent. When experiencing it, you will immediately feel the layers of complexity that weave the aromas together, the close connection between strong spices such as anise and ginger accompanied by a note of violet leaf, also known as Tu La Lan, A layer of sweet wood and warm vanilla round out the scent. It’s a unexpected and quite a unique scent sensation.


Bergamote, Orange, Pine Leaf


Ling Lan, Ginger, Anise


Patchouli, Vetiver, Vanilla


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about the brand


With a motto of “love green life” this local beauty brand uses as many natural and environmentally-friendly ingredients as possible. Their garden in Da Lat (a popular tourist attraction) celebrates this philosophy by providing local herbs to be used in their products. 


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