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NauNau Linen Spray in Cotton Therapy


Aromatherapy for your sheets? Yes, it’s a thing and NauNau is helping people relax and get the sleep they need with this calming linen spray designed for your sheets and pillowcases. A few sprays of this mint and lavender-based spray before bed helps encourage your system to slow down. Plus the addition of musk and sandalwood evokes a feeling of warmth that soothes the senses and calms the brain. A good night’s sleep is only a spritz away. But it’s not just for sheets – it can also help freshen up your clothes in between trips to the dry cleaner.


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about the brand


With a motto of “love green life” this local beauty brand uses as many natural and environmentally-friendly ingredients as possible. Their garden in Da Lat (a popular tourist attraction) celebrates this philosophy by providing local herbs to be used in their products. 


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