Manor Candle – Blood Orange Patchouli (13.2 oz)

Fragrance embodies memories. A suitable and refined scent from a scented candle not only brings comfort and tranquility to users but also preserves beautiful moments. In this regard, the Nectarine Peach Scented Candle creates a fresh and joyful space, interweaving the elegance and classic charm of the East.


BURN TIME: 65 hours


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about the brand

Manor Candle

MANOR CANDLE is a brand specializing in natural essential oils, scented candles, and natural wax products, as well as premier home decor items in Vietnam. 

Founded by a group of passionate young entrepreneurs, MANOR CANDLE, despite being a newly established brand, places product quality as its top priority. Born in the pristine landscapes of Quang Ninh, Vietnam. They specialize in scented candles that are natural, organic, and chemical-free. 

Their candles exude gentle and soothing fragrances. Meticulously hand-poured in Quang Ninh, each candle is a testament to the artistry of local artisans and the serene beauty of the region.


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