Lockdown Survival Kit #4: Safety First





Need a little pick-me up? Us too!


So we created 4 Lockdown Survival Kits to spread a little joy. 


Kit #4: Safety First
If you have to go outside, be prepared with these Covid essentials; each kit includes:


-1 “Hiding” postcard by @laurie.draws

-1 100% silk mask by Oh Quao Saigon (your choice of colours: red, purple, green, yellow, grey or blue)

-1 hand beaded mask holder (your choice of: flowers or cherries)

-1 Cocoon Vietnam Eucalyptus & Mint Hand Sanitizer


Each kit comes with it’s own handy canvas sac


Plus, we are offering FREE DELIVERY across Vietnam with 5% of the proceeds to go to CanCham’s Rice for Life Program, an impactful initiative that identifies Vietnamese communities most impacted by Covid-19 and provides rice to those families in need

please write your choice of mask colour and mask holder at checkout under “notes”. Thank you!


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