LANG Silk Scarf


For thousands of years throughout Vietnam, silk has been considered an extreme luxury, on par with rhinoceros horn, ivory, and precious handicrafts. From the great legend of
Princess Thieu Hoa from the 6th Hung King to Mother Goddess ‘Mau Lieu Hanh’ from the Vietnamese folk religion, the traditional craft of silk weaving has always been honored and treasured.


Today, the fine and lustrous cloth has once again been brought back to life under LÀNG, as the Hanoi-based brand aims to celebrate the exquisite craftsmanship of the traditional Vietnamese silk village.

The image of the traditional buffalo in the Xuan Tan Suu design brings a wish of ‘Thien Thoi – Dia Loi – Nhan Hoa,” which roughly translates as hope for bringing a great harmonious & prosperous life to all families.



  • designed in Hanoi
  • crafted from 100% silk from Bao Loc craft village, Lam Dong, Vietnam


  • This scarf measures 90 cm x 90 cm
  • Each scarf comes with a custom-designed gift box, story card and beautifully crafted gift bag
  • Hand wash with cold water


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