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Lacquer Box in Black & Cream Striping


A stylish place to store all of your bathroom products, jewellery, the random objects of life or anything that needs organizing. This high-gloss lacquer box is handmade in the traditional lacquer village of Ha Thai, Vietnam where the art of making lacquer is cherished. To read more about Ha Thai, scroll down…


MEASUREMENTS: 18 cm (width) x 12 cm (length) x 12 cm (height)


PLEASE NOTE: These items are handmade and while the utmost care has been taken to ensure the highest quality, each piece is unique. Handmade items, by nature, have minor imperfections.

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Ha Thai

We worked closely with a family-owned workshop in the small village of Ha Thai, Vietnam that creates handmade lacquerware just outside of Hanoi. There, around 700 families continue to create lacquer products, as has been a tradition in the village since the 17th century.⁠

After touring their workshop and meeting their team, we learned how the community works together to create their lacquerware. Neighbours work on orders from their home or own workshop and create each piece by hand. Since the average piece of lacquer has 16 coats of paint in order to achieve that high-shine gloss, the local families also paint some of the layers before handing them back for the finishes touches to be completed in-house. We love that the whole village is involved and that the traditional craftsmanship carries on.

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