Good Moods Diffuser – White Birch



GOOD MOODS is a local brand specializing in scented candles and home scent solutions. Established in 2019, their factory produces thousands of diffuser bottles every month with all the love and care. Each diffuser bottle is filled with a unique fragrance that you can’t find anywhere else.



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about the brand

Laurie Draws

Laurie was born in the South of France and moved to Hanoi in 2019. Having always loved drawing, it was simply a hobby that she did from time to time.

 When Hanoi went into lockdown in 2020, she had a lot of time on her hands to practise painting. She missed the outside world, the scenery, the people – painting became a great outlet for Laurie to draw what she could no longer see while she was inside.

A lover of Vietnam, she wanted to show her appreciation for this great country by drawing some of her favourite things including flower bikes, fruit vendors, a nice bowl of Pho, the workers in the countryside and the lion dancers