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FRAMED ‘Momentary’ Print by Tuyet Han


To describe this work, artist Tuyet Han quotes Bob Dylan, “You can never be wise and be in love at the same time.” Measuring A3 size and inscribed with ‘Vietnam 1412 tôi yêu em 1914’ (‘Vietnam 1412 i love you 1914’), this piece reflects the Saigon-based artist’s ongoing inspiration to remind herself to never take the beautiful, simple things in life for granted. Conversations with strangers. Full shelves at the store. A handshake with a friend. A boring Tuesday. Life itself. Han is known for her presentation of feminine aesthetics that are condensed into muted colours.


DIMENSIONS: 29.7 x 42 cm. (A3 size); this piece is unframed


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crane, geometric grey, neutrals

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