Folksight Crane Silk Scarf


Traditional Vietnamese folktales come to life through the vibrant designs on Folksight’s silk scarves. Using Vietnamese silk as a canvas, the designers aim to illustrate the tales of their forefathers with detailed and eye-catching prints and colours. In Vietnamese mythology, the Eastern Sarus crane is the bird sent from heaven to ferry those destined for eternal life. Huge yet ethereal, migrating between water and sky, it courts its mate while dancing to an inner music, bowing, arching, and springing into the air with wings spread in ecstasy. The pair will remain faithful for life, which may exceed 20 years. For its dance and its monogamy, the crane is also believed to be a symbol of ardent courtship and conjugal love.



  • designed and printed locally in Hanoi onto Vietnamese silk
  • 98% silk plus 2% other to help with the printing process


  • This scarf measures 90 cm x 90 cm
  • Hand wash with cold water
  • Each scarf comes with a white gift box


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about the brand


Using locally-produced silk as a canvas, Mai and Linh (the lovely sisters behind this Hanoi-based illustration & design studio) tell traditional Vietnamese folktales through the gorgeous graphics that they design and print on their vibrant and light-as-air scarves. In their own words, they aim to “take you on an artistic journey of dancing colors and blooming dreams of Vietnamese artists and artisans’ pride.”