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Cocoon Vietnam Winter Melon Toner


Thanks to ingredients such as winter melon (squash), leafy pennywort and tea tree leaf oil, this alcohol-free formula works to balance skin’s PH, control excessive oil, clean pores and improve the condition of pimples. The toner is infused with vitamin B3, hyaluronic acid and licorice root extract to keep the skin moist, smooth and reduce redness. Made in Ho Chi Minh City, Cocoon Vietnam is 100% vegan made from the plants of Vietnam.


GOOD TO KNOW: this toner strives to balance oil & reduce pimples


WEIGHT: 140 ml


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about the brand

Cocoon Vietnam

This 100% vegan beauty brand is derived from fruit, vegetables and plants that are native to Vietnam including pomelo, winter melon, roses and more. Made in Ho Chi Minh City, their products are formulated without ingredients such as alcohol, parabens, formaldehyde. In fact, Cocoon Vietnam bans hundreds of harmful ingredients and instead includes only ingredients that have proof of origin from domestic and foreign raw material suppliers.


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