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Coconut Religion Coconut Coffee Cacao Body Scrub


An intoxicating whiff of rich Ta Lai coffee, heavenly Marou cacao nibs and sweet Coconut Religion organic coconut oil awaits you inside every jar of this natural exfoliant. Mouth-watering doesn’t even begin to describe it. And sure, it smells insanely good but it’s also just as effective. Massage onto damp skin in the shower for an instant polish that banishes dull skin.


GOOD TO KNOW: Each jar is 200ml and contains zero synthetics, parabens or chemical additives.


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about the brand

Coconut Religion

The Mekong River flows from the Tibetan plateaus down through South East Asia. Along the way, magic happens as the Mekong’s soil accumulates rich, fertile nutrients and sediments. The results are lush, dense green canopies bursting with the juiciest coconuts in the world. Here, founder Maggie Shen tapped into the coconuts’ sweet, divine, almost magical oil to create Coconut Religion. She continues to oversee all the small batch production in the coconut jungles of Ben Tre with a focus on cruelty-free, all natural ingredients inspired by the botanicals of Vietnam.