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Chuc An Healing Herbs – Herbal Pillow in Blue Leaf


Product benefits: Heat packs increase blood flow, relax muscles and ligaments, and reduce nerve stimulation leading to pain relief. The method of hot compresses helps to reduce eye fatigue, overcome dry eyes, and brighten eyes. Cold compresses are applied to acute injuries to reduce swelling, pain, and inflammation. The cold compress method helps reduce eye fatigue, eye swelling and puffiness caused by lack of sleep, stimulates blood circulation, helps the eye skin to be more elastic, slows down the aging process of the eyes.

Product preservation: Place the product in a dry place away from moisture. Should be stored in a bag when putting in the refrigerator to not be affected by the smell of the surrounding dishes. When using for a long time, there will be a phenomenon of “getting used to the smell”, then you should touch the bag more so that the herb releases essential oils to help smell good again.

Using direction: Heating and cooling times. • Microwave SOOW (608 for eye pillow, 2 mins for a herbal bag) •To use as cold pack, freeze for a minimum of 1 hour.

Ingredients: Herbal mineral salt, herbal leaves and flower buds, Northern Vietnamese medicinal leaves.

Information: 12 months from the first use


Out of Stock

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Chuc An Healing Herbs

Welcome to Chuc An Healing Herbals, your gateway to serenity in the heart of Vietnam. Their herbal eye pillows, crafted with a blend of locally sourced herbs, invite you to experience the soothing embrace of nature. Lavender, chamomile, and other calming ingredients create a sensory journey that eases tension and promotes restful sleep. They take pride in supporting local communities and sustainable practices, ensuring every Chuc An product reflects their commitment to authenticity and well-being. Embrace the natural elegance of their herbal eye pillows and discover the harmonious balance of tradition and tranquility with Chuc An Healing Herbals. Welcome to Your Path to Serenity.


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