Anyen – “Peach” Mini Perfume


We love mini perfumes for whenever we go away. Staycation or sunning it up overseas, these travel-sized perfumes are perfect for slipping into your carry on so you can smell good and feel even better wherever you are.

Glide over your arms, legs, décolleté-anywhere on your body that you want to indulge with nourishment and a highly concentrated expression of exquisite fragrance.

Ensure to fully absorbed prior to delicate fabrics coming in contact with skin.


Top notes: Agreste, Citron, Marine

Middle notes: Jasmine, Lotus, Peach

Base notes: Cedarwood, Musk




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about the brand

Anyen Candle

Anyen Candle is a brand of scented candles and essential oil diffusers in Vietnam, handcrafted in Saigon with passion and meticulousness in every detail.

All Anyen candles are made from natural palm wax, do not use lead wicks, and do not add additives or supporting chemicals to ensure safety for users’ health. Along with the high content of perfume essential oils in each candle jar, Anyen wishes to pour into your space the most pleasant scents to bring you an endless source of inspiration for each new day or gentle relaxation. Relax after a tiring day of work.

Your peace of mind is Anyen’s top priority.


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