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‘Dahlia’ Greeting Card By Ayako Akai


Living with fantasy, Ayako express the theme of gentle and sweet world that always exists in the depths of her heart even though her mind is occupied with the daily chores of adulthood and the overflow of information.



  • Comes with an envelope


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about the brand

Ayako Akai

Ayako was born in Japan and grew up in New Jersey, US for five years as a child. She’s currently working as an illustrator and painter, strongly influenced by her childhood memories and picture books in the US. Ayako graduated from Keio University, and then went on to study at Kuwasawa Design School & now based in Hanoi, Vietnam.


2023 The 226th The Choice, Prize

2021 The 220th The Choice, Prize

2021 Oshima International Handmade Picture Book Contest 2021,Prize

2016 The Japan Book Design Award 2016,Prize

2015 Tokyo Book Jacket Illustration Competition, Prize

2014 Tokyo Book Jacket Illustration Competition, Prize

2012 Tokyo Book Jacket Illustration Competition, Prize

2012 Japan Douga Award, Prize


crane, geometric grey, neutrals