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BareSoul Mindful Herbal Bag


Only 13 natural ingredients are all you need to cure what ails you.  BareSoul’s Mindful Herbal Bags help in 3 ways: as a luxurious steam for the face and body, as a deep soak for tired, dry feet and as a hot compress for the abdomen and other painful areas. Each bag is created from the perfect combination of 13 herbs including elderberry, lemongrass, ginger, guise leaves and wormwood. All herbs are selected, harvested and dried carefully for more than a month in a sealed room without the use of any chemicals. Made in Ho Chi Minh, BareSoul focuses on minimal beauty products for maximum impact.

INGREDIENTS: eucalyptus leaf, lemongrass, ginger root, lime peel, piper lolot leaf, cinnamon bark, chuan xiong root, arteanemisia herbylgaris bark , ligustici wallichii root, lemongrass oil, thyme oil, eucalyptus eitriodora leaf oil


DETAILS: includes 3 x 20 gram pouches


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about the brand


Made in Ho Chi Minh, BareSoul Cosmetics was founded by two Vietnamese women who were looking to minimalism their beauty routine. With a motto of “beautiful in your skin” BareSoul has an affinity for 2-in-1 products with the idea that less is more. They focus on using ingredients from around SouthEast Asia, many of them natural and easy to recognize.


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